Overview and Rules
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1. Overview and Rules

Stafford HC Ladies Summer Hockey Friendlies


The Stafford Ladies Summer Development League is organised by Stafford Hockey Club [SHC] to provide enjoyable and sociable hockey during the summer season for non-first teams and players within the county league. The aim should be for games to be competitive with teams evenly matched as far as possible.

Whilst this Competition has its own rules and regulations, England Hockey’s [and MRHA Ltd., where applicable] rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures take precedence.

Whilst SHC hope that all participants in these games will take part in the manner for which the competition was initiated, any issues arising for games should be reported to the Competition administrator as soon as possible after occurrence in order that the Competition administrator can investigate. There is the right of appeal to the SHC


An entry fee of £390.00 for every team entered will be required to be paid prior to playing to cover the cost of pitch hire. Individual Clubs to decide on match fees to be paid by players.


Teams to provide an umpire for their games, unless Clubs make different arrangements for individual games.


Clubs will be approached in the Spring to check their availably for the Competition. New Clubs can apply to join via the SHC Administrator. Mary Moss.

Teams will play each other once as a round robin.
A record of results by the SHC administrator will be kept and there is no promotion or relegation or trophies to be won

Fixtures start times

Matches to be played in the evening of a Wednesday either at Beacon Sport and Fitness or at Lichfield HC. Games will be played within the hour, 25 minutes each way, starting either at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm. Any rearrangements to be negotiated between the teams concerned and for the administrator to be informed of any changes at least three days before the match.

Player eligibility

  • Players should be members of an England Hockey affiliated hockey club. Players under any form of suspension from hockey cannot play.
  • Players may play for more than one club as a guest player
  • If players from a higher division play they must solely be there to help develop the team and players and numbers on the pitch will be restricted.
  • If two clubs join forces to create a team this team must be affiliated to England Hockey as must all the players who are members of that team and confirmation that the correct insurance is in place.
  • Any player not representing their “parent club” must make said club aware of their representation and gain permission.
  • Any Red Card/ MMO and disrepute offences whilst playing in this competition will be directed towards the players “parent club” Insurance
  • All participants play at their own risk
  • All entering teams are require to have the minimum insurance as set out and required by England Hockey and must confirm to Stafford Hockey Club they have this minimum standard.
  • The clubs selecting guest players must ensure that their insurance policy covers the playing of guest players.
  • By participating in games organised by Stafford HC the players and umpires agree that the Competition Administrator, SHC and SHC Committee members have no liability for any injuries or losses or legal claims arising from the players and umpires participating in these games including Covid-19 infections.
  • It is the responsibility of the clubs selecting guest players to ensure the guest players have obtained the permission of their own club to participate.
  • Teams wishing to play players under the age 13 are advised to seek permission from parent/guardian, have the necessary insurance and inform the opposition captain prior to the start of the match.
  • It is the responsibility of all participating Clubs to make sure all their players and officials have filled out the England Hockey permission to play form and are responsible for Track and Trace.

Further Covid guidelines will be sent nearer the start.
Mary Moss
SHC Administrator

Useful contacts
Organiser Mary Moss 07854 531619 mosscmary@yahoo.co.uk
Results collator Katie Thomas 07900 991948