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2. Membership

Membership Rates for the 2023/2024 season

- Senior Membership - £120
(18 or over standard playing membership, includes insurance, bar discount and voting rights)

- Concessionary Membership - £72
(playing membership includes insurance, bar discount and voting rights. This membership includes the categories outlined below)

* Student
(18 or over in full time education - 12hrs formal education per week during term time. Does not include paid apprenticeships earning over UK tax free allowance )
* Unemployed/Retired
(18 or over not in work)

- Junior - £42
( Under 18 by September 1st)

- Life Member (playing) - £900
(A one off payment which gives you senior membership for life with the condition that each year you must pay a fee to cover insurance)

- Life Member (non playing) - £600
(A one off payment which gives you Non Playing Membership for life)

- Paid up life member Insurance -£10
(Life members (Playing) must pay this each year to cover insurance)

- Non - Playing Member - £60
( Members who dont wish to play but will get a bar discount and can vote on club decisions)

- Social Member - £25
( Membership for non players - this entitles you to a bar discount but does not include voting rights to vote on club decisions)

- Occasional Player Membership - £35
( Social membership with insurance fee add on for those that wish to play a maximum of 5 games during the season. If more than 5 games are played a regular membership needs to be purchased)

Match Fees for the 2023/2024 season

- Senior Member: £12
- Concessionary Member: £6
- Junior Member: £6
- Badgers: £6
- Badgers: £6