Winter League Hockey
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4. Winter League Hockey

Stafford Hockey Club participate in the English Hockey League Pyramid on Saturdays.

We have 4 men’s teams and 4 ladies teams competing in Midlands Hockey leagues, a junior “badgers” team, a mixed team, a Veterans’ team (over 35s) and various summer league teams.

  • The men's 1s compete in Midlands West Div 3 / Captain - Angus Bullpit
  • The men's 2s compete in Midlands North West Div 6 / Captain - Carl Dodgson
  • The men's 3s compete in Midlands North West Div 8 / Captain - John Faulconbridge
  • The men's 4s compete in Midlands North West Div 9 / Captain - Chris Saunders

  • The ladies' 1s compete in Midlands North West Div 3 / Captain - Lydia Gallagher
  • The ladies' 2s compete in Moorlands Div 4 / Captain - Carol Austin
  • The ladies' 3s compete in Moorlands Div 5 / Captain - Pam Mitchell
  • The ladies' 4s compete in Moorlands Div 6 / Captain - Heather Thompson

  • Stafford Badgers compete in the Badgers League
  • The men's Veterans compete in Stone League


To be selected into one of the Saturday Teams you need to be a playing member and select your availability . Captains will then select teams based on a number of selection criteria such as ability, availability and training amongst other things. Junior players who are 13+ can be considered for senior hockey however it may be deemed more suitable for them to remain in the Badgers to ensure maximum enjoyment and development.